Meet Shahrzad Kahrobai: Beach beauty inspiration

Meet Aussie beauty Shahrzad who radiates with both inner and outer beauty. She is a teacher, lifestyle/eco luxe beauty blogger, fashionista, and globetrotter.  We’ve been following her blog, The Spot Beauty and learned that her inspiration and love for clean and luxe beauty came from her own experience with skin issues that inspired her to look deeper into overall health, well being, balanced with living life beautifully. Shahrzad’s travels take her on blissful journeys to beautiful destinations that we are inspired by and love to follow along on…

With all of this amazing travel, we asked Shahrzad where here happy place is.

S: My happy place is the beach! The salt, water and sand – my favourite. Even if I don’t go swimming, just sitting by the water and breathing in the salty air, really soothes me. I love the beach!

With Summer ending in Australia, how she styles her long hair while looking and staying naturally gorgeous on the go. 

S: I have long hair that has a little wave in it, so I’m always looking for products that can add a little texture or help tame it as the weather here is super humid.

I usually like to have a “beach wave” look with my hair. After washing my hair, I spray the Texture and Hydrating Mist throughout my hair, dry it then use a curling wand. I then brush out the curls and spray more of the Texture Mist. It also helps set and keep the curls longer as well giving it that perfect beachy wave look.

I typically add dry shampoo the next day to my roots. I love the Modern Minerals Dry Shampoo because it doesn’t irritate my scalp or dry my hair, and it helps keep my hairstyle longer. It’s also great for brunettes with no white residue.

We wanted to get to know Shahrzad a little more…

Who/what are your sources of inspiration?
My inspiration always seems to come from nature, I love going on walks and being outdoors. I find I’m always in awe at just how magical and pure my natural soundings are. I find I am always inspired by the simplest yet most natural things, like the colours of a bird, green plants, rare and exotic flowers and just pure nature!

Advice you wish you received when you were young?
Don’t believe the hype! Always trust your instincts!

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
My idea of perfect happiness is being on a tropical island (preferably the Maldives) with a coconut in my hand and the sun shining.

What are 3 things people would be surprised to learn about you?
Three things people would be surprised to learn about me – 1. I’m actually quite shy! 2. I suffered from acne in my late twenties. 3. I’m scared of heights.

What are you listening to reading right now?
I am reading about the importance of probiotics and how to incorporate more probiotic rich food and drinks. I love reading about health and wellness, I love to know the latest about keeping healthy and fit.

Find out more about Shahzad and visit her blog HERE
Photos courtesy of @thespotbeauty

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